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Investment Philosophy

Alignment of Interest
Regional Investment & Management makes meaningful capital investments in each sponsored project.  This approach better aligns investor and sponsor interest and the delivery of optimal results.  Simply put, investor and sponsor interest are one in the same.      
Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns
Regional Investment & Management invest in value-add real estate at discounts below replacement costs where value is impaired as a result of impaired occupancy, under performing rents, operational inefficiencies, physical or capitalization issues and repositions the asset to deliver sustainable risk-adjusted returns to its investment partners.  RIM develops and executes proven real estate strategies by combining prudent capital market and investment analysis and its expertise in the areas of: asset and property management, marketing and construction capabilities. 
Vision - Seeing the Forest
Recognizing and responding to capital flow trends is a significant contributor to maximizing asset value and investor returns.  A sound real estate investment strategy requires underwriting and pricing discipline on each acquisition and understanding to the real estate cycle or unique opportunities to execute a disposition when market forces support fully valued assets. 

Debt Utilization
Regional Investment & Management employs leverage at appropriate levels to provide meaningful enhancement to investor returns while not putting the asset at risk during market downturns.

Product and Geographic Specialization
Our firm specializes in multifamily in the west and southwest regions and believes the expertise developed through this well-defined focus allows our team to outperform market generalist and deliver alpha risk-adjusted returns to our valued investment partners.  Our continuous investment in our team members and technology facilitates fielding each asset with the best and brightest teams. 
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